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Toy Car Exchange Pricing

Whenever you list an Auction on the Toy Car Exchange (TCE), you are charged a small insertion fee. Classified listings are free. All TCE listings are automatically posted on the RLOL Buy•Sell•Trade forum and our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Each listing include 2 photo uploads and 1 YouTube video embed. You may also include any number of photos linked from external sources. Additional photo uploads and a second video embed may be added for a tiny additional fee.

Toy Car Exchange also provides a Buy-It Now option for auctions at no additional charge.

When your Classified items sell, no additional fees are charged.

When Auction and Buy-It Now items sell, a Final Sale fee is charged as shown below. Please note: all Auction and Buy-It Now transactions are covered by our buyer protection program for up to US$10,000.

There are also a number of options available that allow you to present your items front-and-center. These include better placements, attention grabbers, and customized personal storefronts. Fees for these and other similar items are shown below.

Classified Listings are Free

Paypal button may be added into the body of the classified listing. See optional listing features below.

Auction Listing Fees


Auction Relisting Fees

Expired auctions may be re-listed for half of the original fee.

Auction Final Sale Fees

Final Sale fees are 8% of the final sale value, up to a maximum of $44.

Photo and Video Embedding


Optional Listing Features

  90¢ • 70¢ • 50¢ • 30¢ • 10¢

Personal Space

Sellers may also subscribe to personal space called Stores. These user friendly pages are a great way to organize and draw attention to your auctions and classified listings. When a buyer visits your space, they will see your 'signature-like' logo, unique browsing categories and can sign up for your optional newsletter. We also include a rotating 120 x 200 ad for your space that appears on every page of the Toy Car Exchange, including the front page!